Online Salon

PILADANCE Online Salon

by Rina Ohkuma

This is an "at-home online community" where you can take Piladance lesson 
while interacting and motivating with the members from all over the world!
Learn how to workout your inner muscles and address into your daily life
to keep your body healthy and sustainable.

What we do with members (Bi! Crew)

① Bi-weekly Piladance Live Lesson

Piladance is a combination exercise of pilates and dance from Japan.
The purpose of the exercise is to tone up the pelvic core muscles
while introducing the coastal lateral breathing which helps to lose weight,
gain inner muscles, stabilize the core, correct posture, and more.
Join the online classes on Instagram live stream!
​② LIVE morning exercise/stretch
20-min morning exercise and stretch on Instagram & Facebook live every Tuesday!
If you are an early bird, feel free to join us!
③ Invitation to Facebook group and Instagram page
You are invited to our private Facebook group and Instagram page to learn more
about body health, training methods, and nutrition from a certified nutritionist.
Watch, learn and share your fitness journey through the comment!
 ④ Events with Bi! Crew
We host big events 2-3 times a year in Japan, Arizona and online!
In-person Piladance lesson, fitness tour, sharing your skills, talk and interact etc.
Let's make fun events together!

​Membership & Policy

$10​ per month
① Please click "JOIN" and fill out the information on PayPal.
② Once submitting the application form, you will be automatically guided to our Facebook group. Please click "Join the group" and answer two questions (PayPal name and email).
③ Search "@piladance_onlinesalon" on Instagram. Request follow and send DM with your PayPal name and email.
  • Please fill out the application form on PayPal before joining the Facebook group or sending request on Instagram.
  • 4 privileges shown above are all free to join.​
  • Please join our Facebook group with your account. No profile picture, incorrect name, fake accounts will not be accepted and removed from the group.
  • Please keep the information shared in the salon confidential. 
  • Harassing, hating and any other unrespected behaviors as well as funneling are prohibited or reported and removed from the group.
  • The monthly membership starts on the day you submit the application on PayPal. Please understand ​that we do not prorate the remaining date for the cancellation during a month.
  • Please send an email to BiEssentialMovement@gmail.com to cancel your membership along with your Facebook name, Instagram account and the reason of your cancellation. It may take 2 - 3 days to complete the cancellation procedure.
  • By joining the group, you understand and agree that Bi! Essential Movement LLC and any persons associated with it will not have any liability and not be responsible for any damages, injuries, or loss. You should understand that when you are voluntarily participating in these activities, you are in good health and have no physical defect or condition you suffer.
$10 per month
Online  Membership