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Strengthen CORE
  Empower MIND

Rina Ohkuma

Piladance Instructor・Sustainable Lifestyle Creator
Born and raised in Japan. I grew up as a national youth Olympic gymnast. At the age of 20, I moved to the United States along with a certificate of Piladance.
After a few years of instructing, I made it to a special fitness brand, Bi! ("be" beauty in Japanese) Essential Movement.

The concept of this brand is to help us enjoy moving our body sustainably through fitness and dance (I call them "Essential Movement") to become "Bi!" from inside and outside.

Now, I am instructing Piladance through in-person private lessons, 
YouTube videos as well as online community while leading Kpop dance choreography workshop in Arizona.
Check out my YouTube channel, "Rina Ohkuma" ​for more fitness videos and Kpop dance covers and the tutorial.


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